Acrylic-based Laminate Signs

We produce laser engraved acrylic laminate signs & tags for commercial, industrial and personal applications. We can custom engrave to your specific requirements or you can choose from our ready designed stock items.  


All our signs utilise high quality Trolase material, a micro-surfaced impact acrylic (acrylic based laminate). The material is made up of two coloured layers - a thin top layer and a thicker bottom layer of a contrasting colour. As the thin top layer is engraved, it removes the surface colour to reveal the contrasting coloured bottom layer resulting in a detailed durable sign or label.

We offer a wide range of colours for your signs including our basics colour range (black/white, red/white, yellow/black, blue/white, green/white) as well as a metallic finish look for your high end signage needs.

Products can be supplied with or without strong 3M self-adhesive backing or pre-drilled holes for screw fixing.

Our standard Safety Signs come in 1.6mm thickness and we can work with a range of thickness levels depending on the application and requirements.  We can laser cut the sign to a specific size, up to a maximum of 600mm x 500mm.

Contact us for information about our ready designed stock items or to order your custom sign. We will work with you to design to your specifications and provide you with a quote and indicative lead time.